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The Welcome Series: Left, Right

Etching collages with Found Objects, Series of 12, Varying sizes, 2018.

The Welcome Series depicts immigrants from all times and places, as inspired by Ai Wei Wei's film Human Flow. We walk to support our families, avoid starvation and political upheaval, we walk to protect ourselves from the effects of climate change, we walk for survival. Every family reading this besides Native Americans has once walked.

Cold Calls
Etching collages, series of 10, 13" x 15" each, 2016.

Cold Calls examines telemarketers’ scripts and how we react to this mental invasion.

Advice To The Lifelorn

This didactic series tests our attitudes about change by causing us to react to the destruction and upgrading of various architectural masterpieces. From Peru's La Plaza de Armas to Siberia's Holy Cross Monastary, it is disorienting to see change in places that we consider everlasting. There is an implied parallel in this series between the mental and physical permutations that we are experiencing at this time in history.

Hide Here
Assemblage with Poem, 18" x 18" x 24", 2004
Privacy is compromised in a society that values surveillance.


Etching Collages, Series of 16, Varying sizes, 2014
This series considers our ambivalence between exploring the world and retreating to our homes. "In a timefrozen cycle of dawn-to-dusk never-ending busywork, she methodically dusts and regroups her many objects. Then she goes online and buys more objects that do not yet have dust on them to ensure the distraction and comfort that industry brings."

Fear Beds
Etching Collages on Cloth, 3 in series, 6' x 4' each, 1999.
Our beds are supposed to function as the safest place we can imagine. But when we are in bed, we must also face loneliness, illness, and nocturnal fears.

First Marriage
Etching with Pastel and Found, Series of 7, 15" x 10", 2018
Visual description of a marriage, juxtaposing peace with violence.

Profanity Tool Quilt
This piece quotes a manly man who cannot find one of his tools, referring to the complications of owning a multitude of objects. "Where's my *+#%@%^$ 8 millimeter cross-slotted rotary drill?"

Assemblage, 8" x 20", 2012
A woman is frustrated with the complexities of finding her soulmate.

Game of Telephone
Etching Collages, Series of 12, 18" x 24" x 10", 2003
      My assertion here is that corporate media serves the rich and powerful, restricting access to authentic expression. In this series, I use the child's game of Telephone as a metaphor for the distortions and omissions we are are currently experiencing in mass media. The big boys are holding hands - the Koch brothers, Rupert Murdock, Viacom and AOL Time Warner.
       I built this series as a waving hand in front of your television, your newspaper, your town square - to break the trance and provide a distraction from the Orwellian moment when all channels' sound bites harmoniously chorus their warped half-truths.
Text excerpt:
1. Darth told Brit to "get some spine", so Brit turned to Sophie, pushing her to "stay supine", and Sophie heard "taste what you find".
2. Here in our village of unholy remorse, we reward indulgers and snarl at the methodically disciplined. We will let you host a T.V. show if you accept a famous cigar, even if you stand mute and raw after the experience. We will give you a book deal if you cheat stockholders or whomp off a penis in anger, even if you are adjectively challenged. But mostly, rule followers must hold their boredom in their throats, saving their applause for the wicked.

Contented Women
Collages, 56" x 36", Wall and Scrapbook Formats, 2002.
This series investigates the notion of contentment. Can we feel truly contented in this Age of Information? Can we ever feel satiated? Can we ever catch up?

Shelf Life Doll Boxes
Etching Collages with Beads/Found, 39" x 17", Series of 10, 2000.
Ten people view the same product in different ways. The rich woman sees the dolls as a commodity, the child sees the dolls as real, the guard sees the dolls as inventory.

An Achieved Friend
Assemblage, 15" x 16", 2011.
This quote by Jane Howard in A Peck of Salt defines friendship as I experienced it once in my life.

Drawing Collage, 34" x 26", Series of 10, 1998.

The Mass Of Our Bodies
Etching Collages, 10" x 24", 2012
"In droves, we made a pilgrimage to her chewy-fresh wooden art frames. It was the Great Massacre of 1989. Millions of us were brutally vacuumed out of our newfound homes. Another settlement lost. Ironically, the mass of our bodies would have helped to unify her composition."

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