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El Camino College, What Is It About Trees?, Group Show, Winter 2020, Torrance, CA.
Burbank Arts Center, Juror, Hidden Jewels, Burbank, CA.
Moorpark College Art Gallery, Same Thing Every Day, Group Show, Moorpark, CA.
L.A. Artcore, Ignite the Match, Group Show, L.A., CA.
SOLA Contemporary, The Community Quilt Project: We Are Home, L.A., CA.
Hold You Auction, Fundraiser, L.A., CA.

Brand Library Gallery, Valley Girl Revisited, Review in New Yorker, KPCC, Glendale, CA.
NCJWLA, Solo Show, Street Sweet, L.A., CA.
University Of Texas, Venice, Italy & Traveling, IMmigration, Group Show, L.A.Printmaking Society.
Eagle Rock Arts Center, Sweet Earth, Bitter Earth, L.A.P.S. Group Show, Eagle Rock, CA.
TAG Gallery, Hold You Auction, Sold, L.A.,CA.
Cultural Arts Council Agoura Hills, Remembering the Woolsey Fire, Agoura Hills, CA.
Juror: Burbank Arts Center Fine Arts Federation and Collage Artists of America,
Just My Imagination, Exhibits.

Art Talks: Glendale Art Assn., Burbank Art Assn.,and Collage Artists of America.
El Portal Theatre, Quick Change Artists, 2 Person Show, L.A, CA.

Annenberg Beach House Gallery, Four Million Angels, Curator/Artist, Santa Monica, CA.
The Loft at Liz's Gallery, Diverted Destruction 11, and Hold You, L.A., CA.
Torrance Art Museum, Odyssey II, Torrance, CA.
Hive Gallery, Sexy Beast, DTLA, L.A., CA.
Art Share L.A., Protest, and solo show at NoHo Historic Train Station, L.A.,CA.
Progress Gallery, 50/50 - The Magic of Collaboration, Pomona, CA.
Southwest Museum, Sprague Hall, Remembrance, L.A., CA.
Plaza de la Raza Boathouse Gallery, Colors of the World, L.A., CA.
Muzeumm Gallery, Winter Print Show, L.A. Printmaking Society, L.A, CA.
ACE 121 Gallery, Reimagining America, Glendale, CA.

California State University, Northridge, Valley Performing Arts Center, Solo Show, L.A., CA.
Burbank Fine Arts Center, Solo Show, Go-Stay-Go, Burbank, CA.
California State University Los Angeles, Legacies, September, L.A., CA.
South Bay Contemporary, The Loft, Dear President, San Pedro, CA.
ArtShare Gallery, Exteriors, Group Show, DTLA, CA.
Manhattan Beach Art Center / SOLA, Crosstown Traffic, Manhattan Beach, CA.
Galerie Gitana, The Art of Transportation, First Place Award, L.A., CA.
FM Fine Art Gallery, Here/There, Getty Pacific Standard Time LA / LA Participating Gallery, LA, CA.
Muzeumm Gallery, Gimme 5!, Group Show, L.A, CA.
Montalban Theatre Gallery, Winter Showcase, L.A, CA.
Brand Library Galleries, Brand 45 Works on Paper, Juror: Leslie Jones, LACMA Curator, Glendale, CA.

Sugarmynt Gallery, Sticks, Stack, Stuck Group Show, Pasadena, CA.
L.A. Artcore Gallery, East Meets West, Gut Reactions, L.A., CA.
Avenue 50 Studio Gallery, El Ciudad de Los Angeles, L.A., CA.
South Bay Galleria, CA101 Front & Center, Redondo Beach, CA.
Groundspace Gallery, Groundswell, Los Angeles, CA.
Firehouse Gallery, Contemporary Print Show, Baton Rouge, LA.

L.A. Municipal Art Gallery, Juried 2015, L.A., CA.
Avenue 50 Studio Satellite Gallery, Street Sweet, Solo Show, L.A., CA.
L.A. Cultural Affairs/CPYAC, The Love You Give, 2 person show, L.A., CA.
Montalban Theatre, We Choose Art: A Feminist Perspective, L.A., CA.
Art Depot, ReTree, Group Show, Steamboat Springs, COLORADO.
Orange County Center for Contemporary Art, Fashionistas Fight Back, Santa Ana., CA.
Avenue 50 Studio, Wishes and Dreams, L.A., CA.

L.A. Artcore, Bottleneck, 3 person show, L.A., CA.
Santa Monica Studios Arena One Gallery, MAS Attack, Santa Monica, CA.
Barnsdall Municipal Art Galleries, Eat-Drink-Art Curated Auction, LA. CA.
Actors Forum Theatre/Fringe Festival, Singing School, Monologues and Stage Decor, Playwright James Domine, North Hollywood, CA.
Avenue 50 Studio, Fundraiser, L.A., CA.

San Luis Obispo Museum of Art, The Decision Aprons, Solo Show, SLO, CA.
Orange County Center Contemporary Art, Compass, Santa Ana, CA.
Buckham Gallery, Manual Manipulations, 3 Person Show, Michigan.
Sinclair Gallery, Coe College, Print Show, Cedar Rapids, IO.
Folk Tree, Hearts & Flowers, Pasadena, CA.
Barnsdall Municipal Art Galleries, Eat-Drink-Art Curated Auction (sold), LA, CA.
Temenos, Online Gallery, Featured Artist, www.adrianelittle.com/temenos.
Avenue 50 Studio, Pico House Auction (sold) LA, CA.
In Our Times, Host: Cheryl Lubin, L.A. Talk Radio, December 13, 2013.
Poetiscape, Host: Rich Ferguson, Rare Bird Radio, September 15, 2013.

Vincent Price Museum, ELAC, re:Present L.A., Group Show, L.A., CA.
Center for the Arts Evergreen, Exploration of a Medium: Printmaking, Evergreen, CO.
Newtown Pasadena, Hugely Tiny Show (Sideways Synonym Series), Pasadena, CA.
pART SRAM Bicycles for Africa Project, Cedar Lake Theatre, New York City, NY.
Studio 659 Gallery, Best & Worst of America, Whiting, IN.
Union Street Gallery, Wanna Play?, Chicago Heights, IL.
Canoga Park Youth Arts Center, L.A. Cultural Affairs, Valley Visions, LA, CA.
Avenue 50 Studio, Que Te Vaya Bien, L.A., CA.
Folk Tree Pasadena, Hearts and Flowers, Pasadena., CA.

San Luis Obispo Museum, Traces, Marks and Fragments, SLO, CA.
Palos Verdes Art Center, Off The Wall, Rolling Hills Estates, CA.
Avenue 50 Studio Gallery, Tardeada and Myths of the Moon, LA, CA.
Finegood Gallery, A Sense of Place, West Hills, CA.
Arroyo Arts Collective, Debs Audubon Center, For The Birds, LA, CA.
Burbank Art Center, Women Painters West Summer Exhibition, Burbank, CA.
Barnsdall Municipal Art Gallery, Fundraiser/Auction, LA, CA.
Dogs of War, Actor's Forum Theatre, (stage set, monologue), North Hollywood, CA.

Newark Arts, Les Petits Travaux Montrent, Newark, New Jersey.
Ontario Airport, Terminal 2 & 4 Display Cases, Ontario, CA.
Barnsdall Municipal Art Gallery, LA Cultural Affairs, Deconstructed Applications, LA, CA.
California State University, Northridge, Secondary Teachers' Exhibition, LA, CA.

Museum of the Gulf Coast, Rauschenberg Tribute, Curator: Susan Davidson of the Guggenheim Museum, Port Arthur, Texas.
Armory Center for the Arts, An Art Educated Collection, Pasadena, CA.
Mt. St. Mary's College/Jose Drudis-Biada Gallery, Insight/Inside LA, LA, CA.
La Galeria Gitana, Of Dreams and Memories, LA, CA.
Avenue 50 Gallery, Red Show and 365 and Counting, LA, CA.

2008—Selected Record of Recent Exhibitions and Performances
Barnsdall Municipal Art Gallery, LA Cultural Affairs, Spirits of LA, Installation, 34'x13', LA, CA.
Newtown, Hugely Tiny Show, Pasadena, CA.
Los Angeles International Airport, Bradley Terminal, LA, CA.
Folk Tree Gallery, Anything Goes, Pasadena, CA.
Brand Library Art Gallery, Works on Paper, Glendale, CA.
Howzeedoit Gallery, Chair Show, Alhambra, CA.
Tustin Old Town Gallery, Art of Democracy, Tustin, CA.
i-5 Gallery, Postcards from the Art Edge, LA, CA.
VIVA Gallery, Score VII, 2nd Place Award, Sherman Oaks, CA.
Circle Gallery, Maryland Federation of Art, Small Wonders, Annapolis, Maryland.

2007—Selected Record of Recent Exhibitions and Performances
MorYork Gallery, FAR, Alter Ego Exhibit, LA, CA.
Pacific Design Center, OUT Auction, LA, CA.
Palos Verdes Library Gallery, Between the Lines, Rolling Hills Estates, CA.
Pierce College Art Gallery, Artists of the Valley, LA, CA.

2006—Selected Record of Recent Exhibitions and Performances
Kellogg University Art Gallery, Ink & Clay 32, Cal State Poly University, Pomona, CA.
Mt. San Jacinto College Art Gallery, SoloShow,San Jacinto, CA.
Rogue Gallery/Redwood Campus, Women's Things, Grants Pass, OR.
Palm Beach CC, Central Gallery, 2nd Nat'l Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, FL.
Alameda Art Center, Juried National, Curator: Janet Bishop of SFMOMA, Alameda, CA.
Folk Tree Gallery, Tree of Life, Pasadena, CA.
Gates Project, New York, Personal Challenges, IGiveUp.org, traveling exhibition/auction.

2005—Selected Record of Recent Exhibitions and Performances
Flux Factory, Works on Paper, Long Island City, New York.
El Camino College, Tree of Life Show, Torrance, CA.
La Colpa Di Scrivere, Featured Poet, Artist of the Month, Winter 2005, Musagete, Francavilla, Italy.
Long Beach Arts, 2005 National Open, Long Beach, CA.
VIVA Gallery, SCORE Show, LA, CA.
Beyond Baroque Literary Center, Hot Words, Host and Reader, LA, CA.

Other Performances and Exhibitions:
Hot Words, A Student’s Guide To Writing Truth, Creative Writing Textbook. Royal Fireworks Press, Unionville, New York, 2003.
Gallery 825, Installations II, Blotista’s Resume, 1999, LA, CA.
Artistic Director, Ceremonial Dances, Symphony Film by Jim Domine, Directed by Alan Popkin,
Time-Warner, Masks and Costumes, LA., CA., 1999.
Finegood Gallery, Women of the Book, Curated by Judith Hoffberg, Group Show, 1998, LA., CA, University of Arizona Museum of Art, and LaSierra University, Riverside, CA.
La Luz de Jesus Gallery, HEAL-LA, Group Show, 1997, LA., CA.
California State University, Northridge, Faculty Show, Performing Arts Center, 1998, LA., CA.
Rico Gallery, December Group Show, 1998, Santa Monica, CA.
California State University, Northridge, Shouts and Whispers, Art Performance, Spoken Word and Music Series, Producer, Host,1996, LA., CA.
Radio Performances on Stations KPFK (Pucini Music) and KCSN (Jared Charles) LA, CA.
Beyond Baroque Literary Center, 2 Person Show, Venice, CA.
Borders Bookstore, Featured Reader, LA., CA.
Mt. St. Mary’s College, Kiss and Tell Poetry Series, LA, CA.
Angel’s Gate Cultural Center, Featured Reader, San Pedro, CA.
Barnsdall Municipal Art Gallery, Producer and Reader, LA., CA.
California State University, Northridge, Faculty Exhibit, Northridge, CA.
Downey Museum of Art, Games Show, Downey, CA.
Cal Poly University, Pomona, Open Book Show, Pomona, CA.

New Alliance Records, Solo CD of Spoken Word with Music, Rocky Road Peep Show And Paperhanger’s Directory Point-of-Purchase Dreams.
Loyola Marymount College, 13th Annual National L.A. Printmaking Society Exhibit, LA, CA.
ArtSpace Gallery, Cultural Affairs Department, 7Up, LA., CA.
Huntington Beach Arts Center, Kathi Flood. Spoken Word Performance. CA.
Mt. St. Mary’s College, Kiss and Tell Poetry Series, Host, Producer, Reader, LA., CA.
Barnsdall Municipal Art Gallery, Solo Performance, LA., CA.
GLAXA Studio, Spoken Word Performance, LA., CA.
Hot House Jazz Café, Spoken Word Performance. LA., CA
Artist Gardens Poetry Series, Spoken Word Performance, LA., CA.
S.S.T. Superstore, New Alliance Featured Reader, LA., CA.
When Words Collide Spoken Word Festival, Spoken Word Performance, LA., CA.
Woodbury College, Wordflurry at Woodbury, Host, Producer, Reader, LA., CA.

Beyond Baroque Literary Center,Vinnie Van Go!, Installation and Solo Performance, Venice, CA.
L.A. Harbor College, Collage, 2 Person Show, LA., CA.
ArtSpace Gallery, Cultural Affairs Dept. 3 Exhibits: Text Show, Closure Invitational, L.A.P.S. Small Images, LA., CA.
Beverly Hills Library, Found Sound, Exhibit and Poetry Reading, Reader and Producer, CA.
Burbank Fine Arts Federation, 19th Annual Juried, Burbank, CA.
Watts Towers Art Center, As We See It, Group Show, LA., CA.
L.A. Artcore, Wallworks Juried, Juror: Jack Rutberg; 2nd Place Award, LA., CA.
Long Beach Arts, Found Object As Art, Juror: Peter Frank, Long Beach, CA.
Sam Francis Gallery, Words & Windows, Exhibitor, Performer, Producer, Santa Monica, CA.

Readings, Radio and Television Performances
California State University, Northridge Radio KCSN, Gail Moscoso, Importance of the Arts, Interview, LA, CA.
Lalapalooza Music Festival, California State University, Dominguez Hills, CA.
World Stage, Perimeter Arts Collective, Too Much Pink Can Make You Crazy, LA., CA.
Beyond Baroque Literary Center, Solo Performance and Voices Publication Party, LA., CA.
San Fernando Valley Symphony, Fundraiser/Solo Performance, LA., CA.
Roth Hall, Crossroads School, Words and Windows, Producer and Reader, Santa Monica, CA.
ArtSpace Gallery, Thursday’s Poets, Woodland Hills, CA.
Masquer’s Café, 3 Person Performance, LA., CA.
Onyx Café, Kamikazee Poets on Ice, LA., CA.
Stations KPFK, (Pucini Music) and KCSN (Jared Charles), LA., CA.
Bill Mohr’s Put Your Ears On, Television Performance, LA., CA.
California State University, Northridge, Shouts and Whispers, Art Performance, Spoken Word, and Music Series, Producer, Host, LA., CA.
Additional Performances: Borders Bookstore, Mt. St. Mary’s College, Angel’s Gate Cultural Center, Barnsdall Municipal Art Gallery, GLAXA Studio, Artist Gardens, SST Superstore, Woodbury College (producer), When Words Collide Spoken Word Festival, Beverly Hills Library (producer), Sam Francis Gallery (producer).

Internal Journal, Vol II, Spoken Word Laser Disc and CD, New Alliance Records.
Korean Cultural Center, Visual Voices/Personal Symbols, 5 Person, LA., CA.
University of Judaism, Art of Life and Times, 4 Person Exhibit, L.A., CA.
SITE Gallery, In the Limn Light, LA., CA.
Loyola Law School, The Verdict, Curated by Suzanne Muchnic for SITE, LA., CA.
Artstore, 12th Nat'l L.A.P.S. Print Exhibition, Phenomena in Print, Pasadena, CA.
Galerie-Galerie, Politically Correct?/Politically Incorrect?, LA., CA.
Brand Library Gallery, L.A.P.S. Exhibit, Glendale, CA.
Bubblewrap Walk, Spoken Word, Beverly Center, Who’s On Third Café.
ArtSpace Gallery, Thursday’s Poets, Featured Poet, LA., CA.
Simi Valley Cultural Center, Windblown Sidestepper’s Jubilee, Solo Exhibit.

Brand Library Gallery, City of Glendale, Rocky Road, Solo Show, Glendale, CA.
Ventura College Fine Art Gallery, Three Printmakers, Ventura, CA.
Artstore Gallery, Checkwriter’s Handcramp, Solo Show, LA., CA.
Biola University, A Woman’s Voice, 5 person Show, La Mirada, CA.
Gallery 57, First Annual International Art Exhibit, Fullerton, CA. 3rd Place Award.
Finegood Gallery, Emerging Perspectives of California Artists, LA., CA.
Occidental College, Arroyo Arts Council Juried, LA., CA.
Creative Arts Center Gallery, 17th Annual Juried, LA., CA.
Juror’s Award by Suzanne Muchnic, LA. Times Art Critic.
Jose Drudis-Biada Gallery, Mt. St. Mary’s College, Life on Earth, LA., CA.
Santa Monica College Art Gallery, LA. Printmaking Society/Prints ’92, Santa Monica, CA.

Los Angeles Arts Council, Catch A Rising Artist, Butterfield & Butterfield Auction House, Highest Bid in Show.
A.S.I. University Student Union Cal Poly University, Pomona Gallery, Solo Show.
Dome Gallery, Francis Witherspoon Printmakers’ Show, New York, N.Y.
San Diego Art Institute, Prints an the Paper Exhibit, Balboa Park, San Diego, CA.
California State University, Northridge, Student Union Gallery, Solo Exhibit.
Sunnyvale Creative Arts Center, Kathi Martin-Don Farnsworth, Sunnyvale, CA.
Eleven E. Ashland, Opening Reception, Group Show, Phoenix, AZ.
North Coast Collage Society, Stocker Gallery, 7th Annual Juried, Hudson, O.
North Valley Art League, National Juried, CA.
Harnett Hall Gallery, North Dakota 21st National Juried, Minot State Univ., N.D.
So. California Womens’ Caucus, William Grant Still Center, 1991 Juried, L.A.
Slocum Gallery, East Tennessee State University, Positive/Negative, Johnson City,TN.,
Honorable Mention.
Harper College, 15th Annual Juried, Palantine, IL.
Western Illinois University, Group Show, Macomb, IL.
Contemporary Images Gallery, L.A. Printmaking Society Group Show, L.A., CA.
L.A. Print Making Society, Pacific Prints Juried, Amfac Plaza Gallery, Honolulu, Hawaii, and L.A. Harbor College Gallery, Wilmington, CA.
Midland College, McCormick Gallery, Solo Show, Midland, TX.
Iowa Arts Council, Paper/Fiber XIV Juried, IA.
Gallery 76, 8th Annual Alcoa, National Juried, Wenatchee, Washington.
Cooperstown Art Association, 56th Juried, Third Place, Cooperstown, N.Y.
El Camino College Library Gallery, Solo Show, Torrance, CA.
Greeley National Bank, Group Show, Greeley, CO.
Santa Monica Library, Several Etching Collage Series, Solo Show, S.M. CA.
Finegood Art Gallery, Art of our Generations, Juried Exhibit, LA., CA.
Arroyo Arts Collective, Group Show, Lawry Center, L.A., CA.
Orange Coast College Library, L.A.P.S. Handmade Book Exhibit, Costa Mesa, CA.
I.D.E.A. Gallery, Art as Social Comment, Sacramento, CA.
Fine Art Institute/San Bernardino County Museum, 26th Annual Juried, CA.
DaVinci Art Gallery, LA. City College, Art Central, Curator: J. Ianco-Starrels, LA., CA.
NJCW/LA, Art & Action Project, Dreams and Reality/Shadow and Substance,CA.
Gallery Concord, Men by Women, Art in Public Places Program, CA.

Los Angeles County Museum of Art Rental Gallery, Mira! Mira!, 4 Person, LA., CA.
San Francisco State University Gallery, Text and Image, Solo Show, San Francisco, CA.
Cardinal Gallery, Maryland Hall, 3 Person Show, Anapolis, MD.
Artstore Gallery, Shouts and Whispers, Curator and Exhibitor, LA., CA.
ArtSpace Gallery, L.A. Cultural Affairs Dept., Basic Configurations, LA., CA.
Smith Art Museum, Springfield 71st National Juried, Patron’s Award, Springfield, MA.
Bridge Gallery, Los Angeles City Hall, Images and Origins, LA., CA.
Santa Clarita Valley Poetry Society, Featured Poet, LA., CA.
Long Beach Artists’ Association, Long Beach Juried Exhibit 1990, Long Beach, CA.
Clark Community College, Printmakers 1990, Las Vegas, NV.
L.A. Pierce College Fine Art Gallery, Found/Profound, 3 Person Show, LA., CA.
Finegood Art Gallery, Art of our Generations, LA., CA.
Lankershim Art Center, H.G. Daniels First Annual, LA., CA.
Northlight Gallery, Everett Community College, Collage ’90, Everett, WA.

Bloomsburg University, National Juried Works on Paper, PA.
ArtSpace Gallery, Wallwalkers, Curator and Exhibitor, LA., CA.
Chico Art Center, Teaparty, 2 Person Show, Chico, CA.
Century Art Gallery, County of Los Angeles, Spring Group Show, LA., CA.
Ashiya City Exhibition, Group Show, Ashiya, Japan.
Central Missouri State University,Greater Midwest International, Curator: Richard Koshalek, Director M.O.C.A.

California State University, Northridge, Student Union Gallery, 2 Person Show, LA., CA.
Centre d’Arts Plastique, Kathi Flood, Ville France, FRANCE.
Scott-Toyne Gallery, Blind Baggage, LA., CA.
California State University, Northridge, Student Union Gallery, Adventure Exchange, Curator and Exhibitor.

Other Selected Solo and Group Shows:
Solo: Tiffany Theatre, Homebodies, LA., CA., 1987.
CSULA MFA Show, Remote Control, LA., CA., 1986.
CSUN Master’s Exhibit, Rocky Road, Northridge, CA., 1982.
Tomorrow Gallery, Tacoma, WA., One Person Show, 1978.
California Art Educators’ Association, Small Images Show, LA., CA.
California State University, Northridge, Student Art Show, 1979, 1982.
Allied Arts, December Show, Tacoma, WA., 1978.
Lakewood Arts, Group Show, Lakewood, WA., 1977 – 2 Honorable Mentions.
Port Orchard Sydney Association Art Festival, WA., 1977 – First Place.
Federal Way Arts Festival, Federal Way, WA., 1978 – Third Place.
Renton 16th Annual Show, Renton, WA, 1978 – Honorable Mention.
Hanforth Gallery LA Spring Show, WA., 1977 – Honorable Mention.
Lakewood Art Show,
Lakewood, WA., 1976 – Honorable Mention.
Ocean Shores Art Festival, Ocean Shores, WA., 1977 – First Place.

Also hung at Western Washington State Fair, Pike Place Third Annual, University of Puget Sound, S.W. Washington Art ’76 an’77, Bainbridge Biennial 1977, Anacortes Arts, WA., 1977

Everybody Knows, Leonard Cohen Biography, Contributor, Book by Harvey Kubernik,
Backbeat Books, 2016.

Our Everchanging World, Artists' Short Stories, Book Editor: Karrie Ross,
Publisher: Be It Now Books, 2016.

Rocky Road Peep Show and Paperhangers’ Directory Point-of-Purchase Dreams, Solo CD,
New Alliance Records.
BRAVO Award Nominee for Excellence in Teaching, LAUSD, 1986 and 2003.
Apple Award, Excellence in Teaching, 2003.
Sonora Review, University of Arizona, Issue 28, Poetry, 1994.
Internal Journal, Volume II, New Alliance Records, CD/L.A. Journal, Voyager Records, Laser Disc, 1994.
L.A. Printmaking Society Journal, Newsprint, Poetry, 1994.
Poetry Revival Anthology, National Kidney Foundation, 1994.
Golden West College, Voices, Poetry, 1994.
California State University, Northridge, Fine Art/Art General Graduate Portfolio Selection Committee, 1988, and Graduate Committee, 1993.
Wide Open Magazine, Santa Rosa, CA., Poetry, 1989.
Shawnee State University Silhouette, Portsmouth, O – Poetry, 1989.
Green Feather, Vol. 5, No. 2, Lakewood, O, Winter 1989 – Poetry.
Los Angeles Unified School District, UC Elective – Author of Painting Curriculum, 1988.
California State Poetry Society Quarterly, Riverside, CA., XII #4, 1987.
Blue Buildings Magazine, Poetry, 1987.
Vol. No./Effigy #9, Poetry 1987.
School Arts Magazine, Article, Renaissance Faire, 1987.
Tacoma Historical Preservation Society, 1981 – Illustrations.
Pierce County Cultural Resource Survey, 1979 – Illustrations.
Voyager Records, From A Northern Family, 1978 – Record Album Cover.

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MFA in Studio Art from California State University and University of Washington. Art Instructor for LAUSD, California State University, Northridge, ROP and Adult Education, and several other local colleges (Retired). Awards and Honors: National Board Certification, Bravo Nominee, Apple Award, Teacher of the Year 2006. Teaching concentration: Drawing and Murals.

Copyright © by Kathi Flood. All rights reserved.