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True Confessions

Etching Collages, Series of 10, 21" x 18"
    This series parodies social media, asking us to draw boundaries between friendship and acquaintances, sharing and self-aggrandizement, and absolute truth vs relative truth.
One example of a fairly obnoxious self-promoting post on social media: "You will be surprised and delighted at this: I WROTE A POEM! PM me if you want to be on my daily mailing list and/or attend my weekly dawn readings behind the big gas station on Route 73 (parking limited to 7 cars, so reserve early). Also, put me at the top of your newsfeed and blast this to your friends. I believe that in time, I will become one of the most important voices of our city. I hope that you will be there to fan me on. I have posted examples, gigs, headshots and reviews on IG, FB, Poets' Progress, and 37 other sites. I often use relatable words in my work like estuary, bubblegum and bra-straps."

Shoppers Fatigue: The Decision Aprons

Etching Collages on Cloth, 2 series/15 pieces each, 24" x 24", 2013
       The Aprons explore the increasing complications of living in an overstimulated, complex, quickly evolving technological society. Choices can be overwhelming - details are often absorbing and time consuming. At the same time, the quality of the information that we get is highly variable. How can we achieve contentment when faced with endless possibilities?
       All manner of lifestyle priorities are addressed in this series - what products to buy, which entertainment to pursue, what social and political causes to support, which subcultures to join. How can we maintain and navigate sanity and productivity, given such a vast array of opportunities and choices?

Excerpt from text:
Audience Participation
"Get me instant-primal on a Friday night,
stifle my work-grunts and gladden the distraction,
peak me by the second set.
Warble me a plainsong, a symphonious swamp-pop ballad,
jolt me with acid jazz or sludge metal.
I ache for the crescendo, it's soaring, sweaty freedom
to give me my history back, my pride, my furnace."

Knock, Knock
Etching Collages on Cloth, Series of 8, 16" x 20", 2017.
Sheldon A. Wood was a door-to-door salesman between 1903-1906 in the midwestern United States. I have his handwritten journal, describing every route and sale that he made. I have displayed his pages and woven in the life of my grandfather, who had the same occupation. This work describes a blossoming democracy, where a strong work ethic resulted in fair competition before the advent of our current corporatocracy.

Keep Lock Opened
Etching Collage, 24" x 36", 2014.
This piece describes the absorption and exhilaration we feel in nature, as contrasted with our zoomy-quick hop-back-in-the-car urban vacation behaviors.

Body Language
Etching Collage, 22 " x 35", diptych, 2018.
If you pay attention, you will discover all sorts of opportunities on your daily path. For example, these coy monkeys are waiting for your reaction.

T.V. Triptych
Etching Collage, 22" x 54", 2005.
Television's evolution is symbolized by golden birds carrying channel numbers across the sky.

Tool Violence
Etching with Pastel, 14" x 18", 2009.    

Tic Tac Toe

Etching Collage with Found and Poem, 55" x 78", 2000.
I discovered a box of Nurse Mary Gilmer's letters and medical sketches in an antique store, and soon realized that her story needed to be told. Her innovations during World War I, before plastic surgery, were remarkably well conceived. Yet as a female nurse, her work was completely ignored. She fashioned springs for broken jaws and appliances for soldiers who were hit in the face with cannons. I contrasted the sincere, heroic care she gave to her patients with the slapdash diagnoses and care that modern HMOs sometimes offer.

The City
Etching Collage, Series of 5, Diptych 24" x 22", 1999.
This series explores the competitive aspects of consumerism.

Catchup Scrolls
Etching Collages, 10 panels, 6' x 30', 1990.   
All too often, our identities are based on our possessions. These panels describe elitism masked as passion; our gourment food, our real estate, and our toys are all safety nets for our esteem.

November 1857
Etching Collage on Cloth, 14" x 12", 2011.
A nod to authentic villages from the 19th century, designed to parody the faux village-stores of contemporary outdoor corporate malls.

Political Works: Bullseye, Senate Spinaround and Declamation
Etching Collages, rounds are 18" and rectangular is 24" x 36", 2009 - 2016.

Mitzvah Gazette
 Etching Collage, 18" x 12", 2010.  

What Bad Drivers Are Thinking
Drawing Assemblage, 17" x 11", Series of 14, 2007.
Text Excerpt:
The Foreign Driver: "In my country, we drive in the truck's wake to save gas in strict geometric grid formation, all the while whistling 'Glory to the Volcano'. Americans drive lonely."

Daily Mirror Series
Drawing collages, Series of 12, 36" diameter, 1999.
The Daily Mirror newspaper carries absurd articles about the ways that television can invade your humanity.
A simulation of junk on coffeehouse tables includes old games and related items.

Assemblage from bicycle parts to benefit pART SRAM Bicycles for Africa Project, 24" x 30", 2012.

Nite Cafe
Assemblage for CD Cover, 5" x 5", 2006.

Assemblage with Painting, 6" x 18", 2009.
A funky tribute to the search engine called Dogpile.
For External Use Only
Etching Collage on Cloth, 12" x 12", 2008.
An exploration of a woman's style: dynamic vs. dainty.
When Everything Mattered
Etching Collage, 20" round, 2011.
This piece refers to simpler times, when we had more time to focus on details and really know the objects we own.
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