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"Kathi Martin Flood’s room…provides a tall-tale account (replete with a vast array of lovingly invented and fabricated details) of a woman who changes careers when she quintuples in height. Blotista’s Resume is crammed with folksy evocations of small town America, conflating the snake-oil hucksterism of the last century business-is-god ethos of ours."
Peter Frank, L.A. Weekly Art Picks of the Week
November 19-25, 1999

"Consider "Game Tables", a set of collages-under-glass by Kathi Martin [Flood]. Each joins an assembly of old game boards and playing cards—old enough to make an adult viewer think of childhood as well as hazard. Martin…politely but firmly declines the victim’s role, seems to have no trouble laughing old Flat-Face [television] back to where he belongs. We take her not just as an enjoyable artist but also as a slyly reassuring clue."
--Jack Miles, Book and Arts Editor, LA Times
Editorial March 18, 1994

"Kathi Flood uses assemblage to create a sense of dialogue between the audience and her used and found objects, and the spiritual patina connected with those objects."
--Raoul de la Sota, Exhibition Catalogue, LA Cultural Affairs,
January - April 2008.

"Multi-media artist Kathi Martin [Flood] challenges the boundaries of art world conventions…. "Bonus Question" ponders whether we can still choose to do things for their own sake in the face of a technological society that has been categorized, quantified and processed… " Second Skin" reflects standard notions of beauty and Martin’s call for women to burst out of ties that bind."
Nancy Kapitanoff, L A Times Calendar
March 4, 1994

"Kathi Martin’s [Flood] etching, collage, and mixed media on blocks of wood, Promises, are unorthodox physical configurations with provocative commentaries about the various human activities that they address and portray."
Elizabeth A. T. Smith, LA Printmaking Society
Catalog, 13th National Exhibit

"She beckons us, through her art, to awaken from our subconscious slumber and realize that our participation is required in healing and maintaining the order of humanity, the animal kingdom, and global issues. She draws us in with her tongue-in-cheek satirical images, assemblages, and commentary, challenging us to pay attention."
Barbara E. Jones, CCA
May 2012

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