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'Woodland Hills' Commission


Etching Collage, 60" x 90"

“Woodland Hills, A slapdash glimpse into the folklore, quirky characters, and sideways events for all times in this sweet land.”  This piece carries stories about odd, unusual people and events in the city’s history.  One example describes the original Girard homes near the Woodland Hills Golf Course. “BEAUTIFUL TIME WARP: This ‘hood is still real-funky-canyony-cozy, hidden from Warner Center’s sterile mega-malls and mixed use condos.  The snakeyroads carry you to homemade quiet.”

The End of Suburbia

Etching Collage, 60" x 90" and 36" x 70", 2016

The End of Surburbia reacts to the current mixed use land grab going on in Los Angeles. Even though we need housing, I am taking exception to how these intensely dense buildings change our quality of life – extending corporate power, reducing privacy, overtaking nature, and building high rises in earthquake country. Although I am well aware of the sustainability and population growth dynamic, we need better city planning instead of bending over for developers' greed.

Valley Girls Quartet
Etching assemblages on found, 4'x 2' x16", 2018 - 2020
This quartet of Valley Girls describes the geography, terrain, and memories about the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles. I used vintage and antique dress forms as supports to show my favorite nature spots, places I have played in, and to provide perspective about how it can be difficult to access other parts of Los Angeles.


Etching Collage, 60" x 90", 9 sections, 2014
Bottleneck is a cockeyed description of commuter traffic from the San Fernando Valley, through the single lane canyons of Santa Monica Mountains, to West Los Angeles.

Where We Stay

Etching Collages on Cloth, 22" square, 12 in series, 2014
This series considers neighborhoods - the comfort and sanity we feel as we exist within a very specific geographical space. I used baptismal gowns, which symbolize admission and adoption into a religious community, to show how a person becomes attached to a specific area. These gowns support etchings of a dozen of my favorite buildings in Los Angeles. Zip codes are stamped over the hearts as expressions of loyalty and pride in a specific neighborhood.

Art Games

Assemblages, 8 wall pieces, 6' x 6', 2003
This series mocks the politics of the art world. Silly rants about portfolio presentation, networking, muses, emerging vs. emeritus artists, art schools and the exhibition cycle describe the artistic marketing process.

L.A. Freeway
Etching Collage, 15" x 22", 2007

Hip Hop Xylophone

Mixed/Painting on Found, 31' x 21" x 10", 2005
These animals warn real estate developers to steer clear of their 'hood'; the keys carry a mean ultimatum.

Man Leaves Fry's
Assemblage with Painting on Found, 15" x 12" x 18", 2007
The addictive nature of electronics is explored here. Spin the painting to achieve a happy illusion: Man leaves Fry's and returns to Nature.

Victory Over Developers
Assemblage with Text on Found, 15" x 12" x 10", 2005
Animals of the Sherman Oaks Hairy Mammal Republic rejoice when the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy purchases their 'hood by holding a Solstice Square Dance Jubilee.

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